Please follow our step-by-step guide from Hobart’s Airport Terminal to our complementary Airport shuttle below.

I am arriving on a Domestic Flight.

I am arriving on a International Flight.

Step 1

Collect your bags and EXIT the terminal next to the car rental kiosk’s.

Step 2

Continue STRAIGHT exiting through the sliding glass doors.

Step 3

Turn LEFT as you exit the terminal.

Step 4

Following the side walk, continue STRAIGHT until your reach the crosswalk on your right hand side.

Step 5

Turn RIGHT to use the crosswalk.

Step 6

Continuing STRAIGHT, safely cross the road.

Step 7

Continue STRAIGHT following the sidewalk.

Step 8

Following the GREEN signs to the Pick-up & Drop-off areas continue down sidewalk following it to the LEFT.

Step 9

Continue LEFT making your way round the corner.

Step 10

Continue STRAIGHT until you reach the crosswalk on your right hand side.

Step 11

Once you’ve crossed the first crosswalk look LEFT & RIGHT for our East Coast Shuttle Bus. You are now in the shuttle pickup & drop-off area.

Step 12

The bus you are looking for will look like this. One of our welcoming team members will be here shortly! Thank-you for renting with East Coast Car Rentals.