Pick Up instructions:

When you arrive at the Sunshine Coast Airport, collect your luggage and call 1 800 474 258 or Int. +61 (0)7 5555 8908.

How to get there:

After collecting luggage, walk past the Car Rental Counters, exit through the COACHES AND TAXIS door, and then walk past the Coffee shop. Wait near the six bus pick-up bays. For further assistance please follow our step-by-step below.

I am arriving on a Domestic Flight.

I am arriving on a International Flight.

Step 1:

Once you’ve collected your bags follow the hallway to the exit for “Coaches & Taxis”.

Step 2:

Continue straight towards “Coaches & Taxis” exit.

Step 3:

Continue straight following the signs to the exit for “Coaches & Taxis”.

Step 4

Exit the building and continue LEFT following the footpath to the “COACHES & TAXI” pickup.

Step 5

Continue LEFT following the footpath.

Step 6

Following the footpath continue STRAIGHT to the coaches parking bays.

Step 7

You are now in the pickup area. Our shuttle bus and driver will be here shortly.

Step 8

The bus you are looking for will look like this. Thank-you for choosing East Coast Car Rentals.